Your Guide to the world of Sales ~ Welcome to the Conversation Age

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The age of information is over ... not because it's not important but because everyone now has an overload of information. When information is merely the table stakes ... then what's next?

We are now in the Conversation Age where the real difference is and will be your ability to apply your data and ideas to your customer's needs and desires.

This comes from firstly deeply understanding your customers and what makes them tick (logically AND emotionally) and then walking with them during their experience of you, your product or service and your company.

Let's have a conversation about this ... challenge each other and learn.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

What is the conversation age - and why should I care.

Learning Outcome

Understanding the values and skills of conversation and application of ideas to clients. Also know as sales :)

Target Audience

Founders and product development folks

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind

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