Managing transformational change – 5 Lessons learnt from the trenches (Good, Bad & Ugly)

We are living at the cusp of 4th Industrial Revolution where advancements in digital platforms and technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation and AI are transforming the society and economy rapidly. Many blue chip companies with century old business models and established sales and support channels are facing the wrath of shifting consumer attitudes. As a result more and more companies are investing in rapidly transforming their business models and moving to embrace digital age. This digital transformation is not an easy change effort for many of these organisations as it requires them to radically change the way they operate and manage their delivery organisations. In order to embrace digital transformation, organisations need to also transform their organisations’ culture to be more agile (continuously learning) and customer focused; as well as need to enable their delivery and operational organisations to be working more collaboratively.

In this backdrop, I will discuss my 5 Key learnings from past successful and failed transformational experiences.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

5 mins setting the stage - Why organisations need transformation - Digital Industrial revolution and its impact on society and economy

5 mins Implications for Organisations and Individuals. What is involved in Digital and Agile Transformations?

25 mins – 5 Key Lessons from the trenches (things I have learnt from experience good, bad and ugly) – with examples from client organisations

10 mins – Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn about: -

Why organisations need transformation?

What is involved in Digital and Agile transformations?

5 Key Lessons from the trenches (working in organisations going through transformations)

Target Audience

Managers, Leaders, Team members - anyone who is going through a transformational change or has an interest in the topic.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisities. I will be keeping this discussion easy enough with a lot of real work examples so that participants can relate to their own workplaces.

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    Kiran Ravula
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    We always blame leadership and organization culture for ineffective Agile transformation. So do you think Agile transformation is top down or bottom up?

    Agile transformation is not top down or bottom up. Its start with you. Changing the organization starts with changing yourself. We all have things in our life be it work or personal life , we want to change – our eating habits, our hair colour, our productivity. But change is hard! That’s because these things you want to change serve an important purpose – consciously, you may despise the behaviour, but on a deeper level the behaviour you want to change is a protection or a pattern that helped or helps you meet your needs. Until you identify and understand the purpose of this behaviour, change will be extremely difficult.

    Here are strategies that can help you change “I” – Insights, “A” – Awareness and “M” Maturity.This presentation is focuses on scientifically proven patterns as well as real-time examples people can relate to and generate insights, create awareness and test their maturity to take up the challenge.