Tired of receiving emails that waffle on and take three paragraphs to make a point? Sick of wading through mountains of text just to get to that one important thing? Then stop bloody writing like that!
Make everything you write as clear and direct as a user story. Remove the fluff from your communications and get your message heard using these few simple tech writing principles.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

1: Make your purpose clear

  • You have to have a reason
  • Use purposeful language
  • Stop wasting people's time

2: Have a little empathy

  • This is not about you or what you want to say
  • Think about your audience and what they need
  • Remove yourself and your ego

3: Clear a path

  • If you want results, make it easier for your reader
  • Scanability, familiar language, headlines, calls to action
  • De-fluff your stuff

Learning Outcome

Walk away with 3 practical principles to apply in any writing situation for creating clearer, more persuasive, genuine communications.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to communicate more clearly by saying less.

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