Sit down, don't stand up - one path to improved focus and collaboration

Have you ever spent time in a stand up that just doesn’t seem to meet the ‘short and to the point’ objective? As the stand up limps into a second hour it seems more like a ceremony to celebrate endurance than a chance to check-in, connect and calibrate.

Your mind wanders, you shuffle awkwardly from foot to foot, you fade in and out of caring and context and wonder if there is a better way, one which saves on shoe leather and stamina.

We wondered the same.

This talk will elaborate on how we experimented with asynchronous stand-ups and through inspection and adaption opened an avenue to awesome collaboration.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • First attempt — firing off updates into the echo chamber
  • Inspection and adaptation opens an avenue to awesomeness
  • Second attempt — Digesting daily
  • Take three — mob rules — automate all the things
  • (Un)intended consequences and adjacent advantages
  • Questions / discussion

Learning Outcome

There may be benefits in challenging the way meetings are held. Things to watch out for if you go down the path of async stand ups / meetings.

Target Audience

People interested in ways to connect and calibrate

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just bring themselves.

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