How to be lean - a practical guide

schedule Jul 30th 11:00 - 11:30 AM place EN103 L100 people 1 Interested

What is lean?
We've all heard about it - is it about decreasing wastes... improving the efficiency... Increasing customer value...

How does one implement lean, where/how do I start...

This session is to take you through my journey in learning and implementing the surprisingly simple and effective concepts in the book “This is Lean” by author Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström.

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Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  1. Lean mindset - From resource focus to customer focus
  2. What is the flow and why is it so important
  3. Key metrics and objectives
  4. The efficiency matrix

Learning Outcome

A clear understanding:

  • of the lean mindset
  • key measures and objectives
  • how to use the efficiency matrix to becoming lean

Target Audience

People interesting in lean, flow efficient and kanban

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have an interest in learning new concepts and ideas

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