Agile Coaching Clinic - 15 min sessions throughout the conference

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Coaches Clinics are a unique and free service designed to help you with specific challenges you've encountered on your way to a more Agile way of working. Organized by the training and coaching community, these 15-minute coaching sessions are available throughout the conference. Based on their individual needs, participants are matched with experienced volunteer coaches, to discuss business agility, organization structure and change, Scrum, Kanban, User Stories, XP, DevOps, Technical Practices and topics such as breaking down development silos to coordinating multiple teams and educating upper management for enhanced agility.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Coaching appointments are 15 minutes.
  • A client can request two in a row or extend a session if no one is waiting.
  • Regular clinic hours are conference breaks, and workshop sessions after the opening session.
  • People can sign up for multiple appointments. People can walk in and get immediate appointments if a coach is available

Learning Outcome

  • Another way of viewing your problem that will help you overcome a hurdle in your agile practice.
  • A great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other.

Target Audience

Anyone who has encountered a problem or issue in their agile practice or implementation.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Please come prepared with one clear question or issue about a problem or issue with you agile practice or implementation
  • Please don't ask us to help you find a job.
  • Request an appointment by filling out a sticky note with your name and the topic you want to discuss and placing it on your desired time box on the sign-up board. The topic helps the facilitator and coaches match topics to coach expertise.
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