Agile Consulting with the big end of town

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Prepare for a contentious and deeply personal story.

I was an Enterprise Agile Coach. I am now a Consultant. But can I be both?

Discover why I made the leap to "the other side", what I have learnt in the process and why, if we don't do something soon, Agile in Australia risks imploding.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. A quick history of Agile in Australia and why this has led to the movement of consultancies into Agile

2. What this impact has on Agile Coaches

3. What did I learn whilst being inside a consultancy

4. What consultancies cannot do without Agile Coaches

5. What might happen if we continue down this path?

6. What needs to change?

Learning Outcome

Are the big consulting companies going to ruin Agile?

What can consultancies do better than independent Agile Coaches?

What do consultancies need from Agile Coaches in the community?

Target Audience

agile coaches and consultants, managers hiring agile consultants

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