A deep dive into Sprint Planning

schedule Jul 30th 03:30 - 05:00 PM place EN203 L80

Good planning helps teams perform. Poor planning helps create problems.

This workshop session asks us to reflect on how well we manage our sprint plans. A case study project will be presented and participants will work together to prepare and work through a sprint plan. We will reflect on what we observe and learn together.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session is classroom group work


  • Goals and approach
  • Reflect on what we do today

Do a training simulation:

  • Prepare for a sprint plan
  • Run a sprint plan

Observe and reflect

  • What happened?
    What did we learn?

Learning Outcome

Reflect on your pwn practice and identify areas for improvement.

Learn form the experience of others in the room.

Target Audience

People who participate in sprint plans

Prerequisites for Attendees

Read the Scrum Guide as it is useful.

This session is not specifically about Scrum planning though.

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