We always blame leadership and organization culture for ineffective Agile transformation. So do you think Agile transformation is top down or bottom up?

Agile transformation is not top down or bottom up. Its start with you. Changing the organization starts with changing yourself. We all have things in our life be it work or personal life , we want to change – our eating habits, our hair colour, our productivity. But change is hard! That’s because these things you want to change serve an important purpose – consciously, you may despise the behaviour, but on a deeper level the behaviour you want to change is a protection or a pattern that helped or helps you meet your needs. Until you identify and understand the purpose of this behaviour, change will be extremely difficult.

Here are strategies that can help you change “I” – Insights, “A” – Awareness and “M” Maturity.This presentation is focuses on scientifically proven patterns as well as real-time examples people can relate to and generate insights, create awareness and test their maturity to take up the challenge.

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Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  • Understanding the meaning of being a leader
  • Learn about the ideas and core points behind human behaviour and resistance to Change.
  • Understand what mindset really means and how is our mindset tuned to respond to change.
  • Interaction with audience through various online polls which they an do it from their mobile phones.
  • Identify actions to overcome resistance to change.

Learning Outcome

  • Importance of common language and understanding.
  • Understanding that everyone is a leader and identifying their circle of influence
  • Recognize that change cannot be forced up on someone
  • Identifying key factors to being change from within.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees


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