Can I give you some feedback? Umm, I’d rather you didn’t!

Does the question "Can I give you some feedback?" strike fear into you? You're not alone! We've probably all been on the receiving end of what someone has called feedback but which we know is anything but. We may well have also been given the proverbial "sh*t sandwich", which most certainly is not palatable! This sessions aims to remedy the situation by examining what feedback is truly meant to be and how to apply it appropriately.

Feedback is all the rave with both management and Agile, yet it is so poorly understood and, unfortunately, so badly practiced. We know for organisations and individuals to grow that feedback is essential, but we rarely stop to reflect on how to do this effectively and in a considerate way.

This session will explore the fundamentals of what is genuine feedback, why it is valuable, and where, when and how to provide it in a way that creates desirable outcomes.

Using a simple model of feedback, we will share personal experiences where feedback has and hasn’t worked, and the learning obtained from these situations. With some light role playing, we’ll also experiment with the delivery of feedback, exploring the patterns and anti-patterns of common scenarios you may encounter in the workplace.

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Outline/Structure of the Interactive

  • Overview of the concept of feedback (touching lightly on Cybernetics)
  • Sharing of the audience's experience of feedback in the workplace
  • Introduction to the EPIQ feedback model
  • Experimenting delivering and receiving feedback through role play, and exploring the patterns and anti-patterns that arise
  • Simple techniques the audience can take away to practice with

Learning Outcome

  • The theory behind feedback in Complex Adaptive Systems
  • A model for feedback
  • Techniques for using feedback

Target Audience

People who work with people!

Prerequisites for Attendees


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