Hive or anthill - What can we learn from wildlife large scale organisations?

Part 1 : Introductive talk
Duration: 15 min max
Bees and ants gather millions of individuals around highly optimised organisations, by nature.
No consulting company ever advised a queen ant on how to organise its tribe. It just happens, by design.
Nature is a great source of inspiration concerning self-organisation and cross-species cooperation.

This talk will describe key mechanisms that rule bee and ant colonies, at both individual and collective scales. How do these communities live and grow in their competitive and randomly-changing environment? What are the differences between those two species? This talk concludes by drawing some analogies linking the wild world with corporate organisations.

Part 2 : Extend the metaphor and find some answers (workshop)
Duration: 30 min
Shaped like a “world café” workshop, the second part of this session invites the participants to elaborate on some of the main obstacles faced when deploying agility across the organisation. This workshop will allow participants to comprehend the key learnings inspired from the hive and the anthill models, and to figure out how to mimic them in order to tackle the limitations to growth of an agilish corporation.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. 5 key facts about alignement, synchronisation and evolution of colonies of ants and bees
2. What make those colonies to be called as "self-organized"?
3. What distinguish human from ant or bees colonies?
4. Take Away: what are the key learnings

- In group of 5 to 8 people : "Could you tell an experience where you saw some similarities with bees and ants organisation?"
- Gather the stories and complete a canvas of organisation main activities <== it will be formalized and published related to the conference, quoting the contributors.

Learning Outcome

- New ways of understanding concerning self-organisation
- Turn-key experiments to try in a corporate context
- Sharing feedback about the analogies based on participants’ experience
(Discovering the World Café workshop format to be used in collaborative processes)

Target Audience

Change Agents, Managers, Coaches, Practionners

Prerequisites for Attendees


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