Release fast or release effortlessly?

When most organisations "go agile" they first thing they announce is that there will release to market faster. I would like to argue that often, focusing on going fast harms both the organisation and the people who work for them.

Speed does not come by decree or because we have a few scrum teams, but by fixing our systems to make releases effortless. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

5 minute talk. 

Why going fast is a problem

We need effortless releases not fast releases. 

Effortless enables speed, speed blocks efortless

Slow down to speed up. 

Learning Outcome

Understand why going faster might not be a good idea

Understand why we need to focus on fixing he system instead of just going faster

Look at how we can improve the system

Understand that sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up. 

Target Audience

Anyone who works for a large organisation

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