What limits autonomy and engagement? - an organisational model for deliberate change.

When we think about change, we often get stuck focusing on how we will do agile and the frameworks we will use to do it. This often focused on how we prioritise the work, how escalate issues, how will we structure our teams, but often we lose sight of the people who are doing the work and how important it is for them to feel engaged about the work they are doing.

To truly create an amazing workplace, not only do we want people to feel engaged about working in new ways, but to deeply care about the company itself and what it is trying to do.

During this session I'll introduce the model I use to help leaders at Campaign Monitor think about making deliberate change to how alongside supportive investments in engaging people towards our goals.

Using the model I will explore some of the common designs that companies use and how they impact autonomy and engagement.

This session will help you think about how to deliberately create engagement and an autonomous environment and some of the basic factors needed for its success.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1) Introduction

Talk about the common delivery framework approach to helping teams become agile

Talk about the common immediate secondary focuses during an initial agile engagement of prioritisation, blocker escalation and team design.

Highlight some of the approaches I've seen used in terms of providing people purpose, autonomy & mastery opportunities.

2) Introduce a model for How & Who

Show the model, and how the two parts of the model either limit autonomy or engagement.

Discuss the common delivery models used in how they work, and link back to how they limit autonomy and the level of autonomy provided by them.

Discuss common mistakes when building engagement, and link to how these different ways are dependent on the current level of engagement but also limit engagement.

3) Discuss strategies and concepts relevant to design how we work. Focus specifically on the impacts of competence specifically business acumen/empathy for ones customer as a major limiting factor.

4) Discuss strategies and concepts relevant for designing an environment for who does the work. Focus specifically on why explicit artifacts/activities are needed to bridge purpose, mastery and autonomy.

5) Interactive survey and realtime results of the audience's perspective on whether how they work limits the autonomy their teams have, and their environment supporting their team limits engagement.

6) Provide an example of my preferred approaches to solving for designing the environment for how does the work.

7) Summarise that change needs to occur incrementally and in balance. Incremental change for increasing autonomy alongside increasing engagement.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will have learnt a conceptual model for a 50000ft view of an organisation which will help them make deliberate choices about the changes to how they work, but also the environment they have created for their teams as a whole.

Target Audience

Anyone that feels we focus too much on how we do agile, and not enough on people engagement


Have a passion at designing and changing the wider organisational structures we have in place the limit autonomy and engagement.

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