2 key attributes of high performing teams & how to get some of dat!

schedule Jul 21st 02:30 - 03:00 PM place Level 4 - Room 401 (59) people 17 Interested

Several research studies, including one at Google, have identified 2 key attributes of high performing teams: Equal voice and high 'average social sensitivity'. Together they are described as Psychological Safety. In this 30 minute talk we will discuss the definition of these attributes, why they lead to high performing teams and what we can do to attain these attributes with our team(s).


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Summary of high performing team research, definitions of key attributes and why this is so (10 min including 2 min of small group discussion~3 people in each group)

Discuss which Agile and other practices help to create these attributes within teams (15 min including 2 min of small group brainstorming~4 people in each group)

Learning Outcome

You will have the ingredients for the secret sauce! And ideas for what you can do to attain these two attributes within your teams.

Target Audience

People interested in building and being part of high performing teams. If you are already familiar with this research, this talk will provide additional insights regarding how to help teams become high performing.

Prerequisites for Attendees

You must love animals and/or bacon.

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