A Workshop on Relational Intelligence and it’s Importance to Work

In 2013 I started Authentic Sydney with a friend and have since been practicing, teaching and running community based on authentic communication and expression, particularly emphasising presence, self-awareness, self-disclosure and vulnerability in relationship. I see these skills as the building blocks of relational and emotional intelligence. I believe these skills are incredibly important for leadership and effective collaboration. In Jan 2015 HBR declared “Authenticity... as the gold standard for leadership.” Task<->Relationship is a well theorised polarity important within leadership. My experience is that the business world way over emphasises the task side of this polarity, much to the detriment of actually getting tasks done. Brene Brown describes vulnerability as the basis of learning and creativity. In this workshop I want to guide the group through an experience of a number of conversational and relational structures and explore how these can apply to making work more meaningful and effective.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • What is relational intelligence and why is it important to business?
  • Practice rounds with different conversational structures, with debriefs.
    • Exploring: self-disclosure, context setting, noticing and reflecting non-verbals, curiosity, getting someone’s world
  • Conclude with learnings and take-aways

Learning Outcome

  • Understand what relational intelligence is and it’s importance in business
    • Understand what Authenticity is and why it’s important to leadership
  • Practice being aware of and presencing non-verbal communication
  • Experience the power of generative attention in conversations and the place of different conversational structures
  • Learn about ourselves in relationship to each other through meaningful conversation

Target Audience

Anyone interested in improving their relationship skills and generally their ability to get shit done in social systems

Prerequisites for Attendees


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