Simulating Chaotic Systems

Did you know a system can be both well-behaved and unpredictable? Many systems in our world exhibit this paradoxical property. Weather, traffic, and the economy are just a few examples of "chaotic systems" that we experience in daily life. But chaos does not only crop up in large and complex systems; even dead-simple systems exhibit chaotic behaviour.
In this talk we will seek to understand the nature of chaos by studying a very simple chaotic system: a fishing boat rocking in the ocean. "Will this boat capsize?" is the big question. Using the scientific method we will form a hypothesis, design and build a virtual experiment, and dredge up an unexpected treasure hidden under a sea of chaos. Best of all, we will experience the experiment in real-time using our web browser!
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Outline/structure of the Session

Talk will run approx. 30 minutes and will have 4 sections:

- Touch lightly on the subject fractals and chaos
- Learn how our custom web-based chaos simulator works
- Watch the experiment churn out unexpected results
- Q&A


Learning Outcome

- Know the difference between chaos and randomness
- Understand how something can be both well behaved and ultimately unpredictable
- Have some ideas how to build a chaos simulator using browser technologies

Target Audience

Anyone who loves to know how the universe ticks

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