Just as the way teams work is evolving, the role of the manager is evolving too. Agile teams don’t want or need someone delegating tasks and micromanaging how the work gets done. Instead, to perform at their best, agile teams need someone who can evolve and adapt. Someone who will trust, support, and enable them. They need a true agile leader!

The transformation from manager to agile leader takes work, and not every manager you encounter is excited for their role to change. So, how do you get them on board? How do you coach them through this critical change to ensure the success of their teams?

In this interactive session we will:

  • Examine the key differences between a traditional manager and an agile leader
  • Share the stories of how we have approached coaching managers challenged with this transformation
  • Practice hands-on tools and techniques you can use to help managers evolve into an agile leader
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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Interactive brainstorm examining the key differences between a traditional manager and an agile leader
  • Presenters will share the stories of how each of us has approached coaching managers challenged with this transformation
  • Practice hands-on tools and techniques you can use to help managers evolve into an agile leader

Learning Outcome

  1. Gain empathy for managers who may be struggling with an agile transformation
  2. Return to your organization with ideas you can use to help your managers evolve into agile leaders

Target Audience

Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, or Agile Champions

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Public Feedback

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  • Lynn Winterboer
    By Lynn Winterboer  ~  7 months ago
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    Hi Kimberly and Melissa - Please submit a copy of your presentation and/or details of the hands-on tools and techniques you will share. Thanks!

    • Kimberly Bartlett
      By Kimberly Bartlett  ~  6 months ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for taking a look at this proposal. We've added a link to a google doc with our intended workshop outline. Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing the document or if more detail is required at this point. Happy to provide. 

      Melissa & I would love the opportunity to present at Mile High Agile this year - this topic or our other topic related to Remote Teams. We welcome any/all feedback on our submissions.

      Thanks again,

      Kimberly & Melissa

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    -Assess the root causes of conflict
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    Nearly everyone nowadays in the agile community says that they are an “agile coach”. But there’s so much more than simple certifications and a declarative statement. The first step is the self-awareness to acknowledge what you don’t know first. Then developing a plan to develop your coaching skills.

    In this workshop, we’ll explore the on-the-job skills, training classes, and mentoring that can make you a great agile coach. First, we’ll talk about the agile coaching competency framework and how to leverage it as a backdrop for your development planning and strategy.

    Next, we’ll do a personal assessment of your strengths and gaps according to the framework. And we’ll explore some simple strategies (books, tools, techniques, classes, activities, etc.) that will help you fill in those gaps to become a much more well-rounded coach.

    And finally, we’ll break into groups of two so that you can peer review your strategies and make adjustments. You’ll leave this session with a well-balanced game plan for becoming a better (possibly a great) agile coach.