Transformation through Learning - Growing your Learning Organization

How do you grow a continuously learning organization? If certifications and wikis were enough, organizations would be crushing it. In this session we look at how we learn in complex domains - focusing on tacit vs explicit knowledge; context learning; and growing coaches and teachers.

This is an extension of our talks on Dojos - immersive learning environments.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

State problem - so many 'things to learn' - cloud, agile, product, devops, etc - but need to get work done

Layout why courses aren't enough - tacit vs explicit knowledge

Propose one approach that organizations have succeeded with - the Dojo

How the dojo addresses all of the 'things to learn'

How the dojo creates a learning organization

Steps to start your own dojo

Learning Outcome

  • A real approach that addresses growing skills of people in the context of their work and within their constraints
  • Difference between explicit and tacit knowledge - when each are appropriate
  • How a culture of learning is a conduit for continual evolution and improvement
  • Ways to start your own dojo

Target Audience

Executives; Directors; Engineering Managers; People looking to transform or grow the culture in an organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites needed, just an open mind

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