Integrated human centered design approach to pilot and scale amazing digital customer experiences

Digital is rapidly accelerating companies need to run better and run different. Companies struggle to realize value from digital products and services as they fail to unlock contextual and actionable insights from customer interactions.

We need to seek deep understanding of our customers, integrate innovative experiences to build compelling creative content, leverage human centered design approach to define, ideate, design, prototype, pilot and scale amazing digital customer experiences with closed feedback loops.

How do you discover opportunities through synthesis and prioritization of insights? How do you define and iterate ideas to drive desirable customer behavior and business outcomes? How do you continuously validate top features through rapid prototyping and feedback cycles? How do you launch pilots that accelerate learning cycle, leading to large scale rollout?

The talk introduces human sciences driven design and execution methodology to innovate, pilot and scale digital ready solutions of minimum marketable features sets that drive business growth and delight customers.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Information for Program Team

The talk would take roughly around 50 minutes. With 10 minutes of Q & A.

In terms of outline for the presentation will be as follows:

  1. Introduction of enterprise agility competencies – 5 mins
  2. Human centered design approach (Discover, Define, Design, Pilot and Scale) - 20 min
  3. Agile and Human centered design practices interlock – 15 min
  4. Execution Methodology through high velocity sprints – 10 min
  5. Key Takeaways and Q&A – 10 min

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways for the audience are as follows:

  1. What competencies are needed to achieve enterprise agility to deliver amazing digital experiences?
  2. How do you discover, define and iterate ideas through experience design and rapid prototyping to drive desirable customer behavior and business outcomes?
  3. What is the integrated human centered design and execution methodology to pilot and scale digital customer experiences using accelerated learning cycles?

Target Audience

Business Owners, Product Managers, Product Owners, UX Architects, Visual Designers, IT Portfolio Leaders, Digital Transformation Executives, Enterprise and Portfolio Architects

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