More and more teams are calling themselves "Agile" to look modern. Some are nailing it while many are just getting by claiming it. In either of these cases, going Agile has a huge impact on how Software is tested. In this session, Priyesh will explore the current landscape of Automation testing in Agile environment, how some teams are nailing it and how others are struggling to adopt the challenges which come from adopting traditional automation strategies in Agile environment.

We will also explore the necessary adjustments that have to be made when developing an Automation business case for Agile teams. With right message and an effective business case, you will learn on how to sell Automation to your management and team members alike.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Intro

- Discovery

- Mitigation

- Plan/Blue-Print

- 1 Takeaway

- Q& A

Learning Outcome

A concrete plan on how to make, sell and execute on agile test automation plan.

Target Audience

Software team mangers, team members, project manager who are interested in improving their team agility by adopting/refining Automation testing strategies in their development landscape.

Prerequisites for Attendees

To get the most of this session, come prepared with answers to following questions.

1. Which SDLC phase is the biggest bottleneck in your development process? What have you done to mitigate it?

2. Do you have Automated testing support in your project? If yes, How satisfied are you with it? If not, why?

3. How supportive are you and your management for Automated testing?

4. What are your and/or your management reasons for not adopting automation testing? Are there any mental biases?

5. Do you have a clear understanding of what could be achieved with Automated testing? How would your SDLC change with Automated Testing?

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  • Christen McLemore
    By Christen McLemore  ~  7 months ago
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    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • like the questions in the prerequisite - give people a chance to answer those questions or acknowledge what they may not know
    • links referencing the work you've done already

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Outline is sparse - hard to tell how the session will run and flow from one section to another - need key points or highlights to understand your POV
    • video clip to see your presentation style and expertise would be useful