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Your strategy (that unfortunately no one reads or remembers) is killing agility in your business. Let's fix that, together, in this session.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Subject and Title: TLDR: Your Strategy

POV (point of view): Your strategy (that unfortunately no one reads or remembers) is killing agility in your business

SHARP *AND* Specific Action Step: Pop quiz: Ask all the senior leaders what your key strategies are for the year. (They won’t remember.)

Why? (And let's fix this, now.)

KP1 (Key Point #1): Your strategy is too long (TLDR = too long, didn't read)

  • There is just too much in it, this and this and this and this and this
  • Quick reminder of science behind too much WIP for executives new to this concept
  • Workshop: Ask each senior leader on your team what their favorite projects and programs are, what the most critical work is for their teams to be doing, and what projects they wish they could kill but are still responsible for. Create list of people to ask and how you will ask for this information. E.g. list all fo those for all the leaders on your team. Craft questions to help pull this info out.
  • Visualizing - and awareness of - all the work is the first step.

KP2 (Key Point #2): No one remembers your strategy

  • Ok, maybe it’s not too long, your strategy is just numbers, it’s just a set of lagging indicators
  • To make memorable and inspiring, you need a destination postcard -- a story and clear picture of the future, with a why and a feeling, and some leading indicators to make us feel like we’re making progress.
    • Storytelling workshop on what might your destination postcard be: future backwards combined with current work visualization to create realistic postcard
    • Exploring and choosing leading indicators that might work for your postcard
    • Choose/create the three key strategies that are the clear “how” we explicitly want to experiment heading towards our destination

KP3 (Key Point #3): Clearly script the next moves (and repeat the story)

  • Change management research shows that our analytical minds need extreme clarity on next moves to change effectively
  • Workshop on how we co-create the next (clear) moves
  • Quick reminder that people don’t remember much, please repeat the story

Specific Action Post-Workshop: Hold your own strategy alignment workshop with your leadership team, repeating the steps provided and experienced in this workshop.

Learning Outcome

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify (without blame) strategy misalignment
  • Co-create vision and strategy stories that are memorable and achievable and that inspire action.

Target Audience

Executives, senior leadership, and senior leadership coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prior knowledge required beyond basic business systems.

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