Building Fierce Teams … with Science

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Most organizations want to build cohesive, aligned teams who remain engaged over time and in turn, deliver excellent results for the organization. Unfortunately, many are still buying ping pong tables and beer coolers as an attempt to develop cohesion among their workforce. What science tells us is that true team cohesion is derived from alignment, shared values and the right blend of personalities and skills.

As experts in psychology and organizational culture, we use scientifically validated tools to assess culture, personality and team dynamics. Assessment is the first step. Taking action to (re)build your team is next and unfortunately, often mishandled. Join us to learn how teams can align and define themselves, as well as select for fit.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Why a Focus on Teams is Crucial
  • Understanding the foundations of organizational culture and sub-cultures
  1. Aligning the Team – Key Variables to Assess
  • What science says about culture, personality and team dynamics.
  1. Building the Team – Key Steps in the Process
  • Overview of what is required to develop cohesion and alignment including: crucial components for team alignment, how we assess team cohesion and fit, and a process map for how teams can move toward being more fierce. This will include a brave discussion around evaluating your current team and discussing fit.

Learning Outcome

- Understanding how organizational culture, values and personalities impact team performance

- Understanding what science says about culture, personality traits and team dynamics

- Understanding the key steps to take to build cohesive teams

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites required.

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