Break Out of the Box:; Smash Your Way to Inner Awesomeness

Do you feel like you have to conform to someone else's view of who you are or what you do? Do you long for a way to break free? Are you feeling stuck? Are you keeping yourself from where you truly want to be? Do you want to smash something? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this session is for you.

One of the biggest challenges in changing organizational culture is the "boxes" people are stuck in. In a vicious cycle, organizations reinforce those boxes through their cultures and processes! As we shift organizations toward more agile cultures the people we placed in those boxes are then stuck, and often seen as resisters. I believe with help they can learn to look outside their boxes and become more open to possibilities.

This interactive workshop introduces the concept of identifying those places we find ourselves held back from being awesome, and learning how to break free from those places! Then it provides next steps/resources, so participants can forge ahead with their own personal "box breaking". We see this as an opportunity for participants to break away from tradition and expectation - rather than focusing and fostering ways to be good where we ARE, we'll challenge participants to see where they COULD BE, should they leave convention behind.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 why are we here

20 Cocktail party. mingle, identify a few points about other attendees.

10 Debrief cocktail party: what did you learn about others; what boxes came up, how did roles, departments, organizations show up

20 Values, pair up, then do worksheet, debrief with group

20 what are your dreams and what gets in your way

10 Box identification

15 Break

40 introduce box guided journey and debrief

10 box smash

10 bringing it home: how do you stay out out of box

20 celebration (state intention) and dance party

Learning Outcome

Using a box analog attendees can explain how labels and assumption drive behavior. i.e. when I stay in the tester box...

Attendees can name "boxes" they step into and how the boxes limits them

Attendees demonstrate tools and techniques they will use to stay out of the box

Target Audience

All levels

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should come with an open mind and be willing to share.

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Public Feedback

    • Billie Schuttpelz

      Billie Schuttpelz - Want fierce Business Agility? Kick out the Imposter!

      Billie Schuttpelz
      Billie Schuttpelz
      schedule 1 year ago
      Sold Out!
      180 Mins
      With Business Agility, we talk about innovation and failure. What we don’t talk about are the head games that keep us from innovating. We don't talk about the internal dialogues that hold us back from taking risks. Imposter Syndrome is stealing too many of our innovative ideas.
      What if the key to fierce business agility is embracing the concept that people are more innovative when operating in their authentic voice? If that's the case, then we should strive to create a psychologically safe space for them to uncover their authentic voice. This will naturally unleash the innovative ideas already within them.
      Let’s break open the conversation around Imposter Syndrome and Business Agility. It could be the key to unlocking innovation.
    • 60 Mins

      To help people and teams thrive, we want to be fierce: we want to “show heartfelt and powerful intensity” (as the conference organizers remind us). Doing that requires that we create a strong container around that fierceness to use its energies productively. And that requires empathy.

      This talk will explore how empathy – the ability to understand others' needs and ensure that they know that you understand them – is what Charles Duhigg calls a "keystone habit", a behavior change that unlocks other cascading behavior changes. Building the habit of empathy will help you to build trust, influence others, give effective feedback, and enable collaboration. Along the way, we will look at seven tools to enhance your practice of empathy and help you to be fierce.

    • Natalie A Warnert

      Natalie A Warnert - Increasing Diversity and Inclusion with Women in Agile - The Women in Agile Story from MVP to Non Profit

      Natalie A Warnert
      Natalie A Warnert
      Natalie Warnert LLC
      schedule 1 year ago
      Sold Out!
      60 Mins
      Women in Agile started like most movements do, with a problem and a small grassroots effort which was not on the leading edge. Now it has grown to a leading non-profit organization with local groups across the world and many conference pairings under its belt all in a timeframe of a few years. Women in Agile utilized leading-edge MVP/lean startup targeted experiments to determine how to expand meaningfully and sustainably while examining data and experience collected along the way.
      While the need for diversity is nothing new, the way Women in Agile approached the inclusion of new and diverse ideas is! All genders are welcome, included, and valued in participating and learning to be better allies to each other! Women in Agile turns no one away and is different in the way we lead through empowering the community - anyone can start a Women in Agile group, join, and receive support!
      This session discusses how Women in Agile got to where it is today, what is in store for the future, and how you can take our lessons learned to grow organizations and ideas in a successful and sustainable way and get yourself or your community involved in making a change. We will be using the Denver group leaders as a shining example of a thriving group and will examine their unique learnings as part of the session.