In his book User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product, Jeff Patton explains how to write better stories by creating story maps. Story maps foster better collaboration within and across teams, leading to shared understanding about the product.

In 2003, Eric Evans released his book Domain-Driven Design. DDD is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, largely due to its natural fit for cloud and microservice architectures.

Dion Stewart learned story mapping from Jeff Patton and David Hussman six years ago. He's also been practicing domain-driven design since 2003. Over the past few years he has been combining Story Mapping with the tactical and strategic patterns from DDD.

Dion explores how teams are using annotated journeys with story maps to link Product Discovery with Product Delivery. You'll leave this session knowing how to use Story Mapping in your own Product Discovery efforts. In addition, you'll understand how to use the story maps to drive domain model design. By combining Story Mapping with Domain-Driven Design you'll ensure product design, architecture, development, and testing are all based on the same shared understanding of the problem and solution space.

Topics include:
• Story mapping basics
• User journeys
• Annotations for testing
• Ensuring outcomes and key results are measurable
• Using user journeys to drive collaboration and implement DDD patterns (ubiquitous language, establishing the core domain, subdomains, and bounded contexts, identifying aggregates, entities, and values, and defining domain events and commands)


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

0 - 30 minutes - Product Discovery Practices and intro to Story Mapping

30 - 45 minutes - story mapping exercise

45 - 60 minutes - DDD concepts (ubiquitous language, bounded contexts, subdomains)

60 -75 minutes - bounded contexts and subdomains exercise

75 - 90 minutes - DDD concepts (aggregates, entities, and repositories)

90 – 105 Aggregates and Entities exercise

105 – 120 Discovery/Delivery Cadences and Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Linking application architecture to user experience design
  • Story Mapping
  • Domain-Driven Design concepts
  • Collaboration
  • Shared Understanding
  • Cloud/Distributed Systems Architecture

Target Audience

developers, designers, architects

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites. Familiarity with story mapping and domain-driven design would be helpful but is not necessary.

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Public Feedback

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  • Lynn Winterboer
    By Lynn Winterboer  ~  10 months ago
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    Hi - Thanks for submitting to Mile High Agile!  Can you provide more details to help evaluate your session?  Slides?  Detailed Agenda?  Handouts/take-aways?

    • Dion Stewart
      By Dion Stewart  ~  10 months ago
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      Thank you for your comments and review. I've updated the proposal and added a link to slides from this workshop which I gave in Amsterdam at DDD Europe on February 1st.
      I received positive feedback from several of the attendees (around 30 attended).
      Here's one post from Twitter:
      Please let me know what additional questions you might have.


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      Hi - Thanks for submitting to Mile High Agile!  Can you provide more details to help evaluate your session?  Slides?  Detailed Agenda?  Handouts/take-aways?

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