So someone sold your company agile, eh? Did it come in the form of a prescribed methodology? Is it the same process just with new names? Did you complete a 2 day training and your title flipped to something like "master" or "ninja"? What's an individual contributor to do?

As Steve Denning explains, "The solution to reconciling disciplined execution and innovation lies in giving greater freedom to those people doing the work to exercise their talents and creativity, but doing so within short cycles so that those doing the work can themselves see whether they are making progress or not."

Follow Claire along the path to agile teammate to discover more about this fabled land of generalizing specialists. We'll range far and wide from "What's the point of points?" to "Can I ban kanban?" so that we can dig deeper into the meaning of practices. Along the way, we'll take in the vistas of visible signs of mindset change and environments that support us along the way.

Let's inspect our current mindset progress and look for opportunities to adapt.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

common goal: end-user/customer value
experiment & learn quickly
competitive advantage
sustainable, quality of life, support, trust

everyone - individuals
collaborate & share the load
team member personas

co-location & team room
deliberate communication & information radiators

frequently - at least daily
when we have a need (variation)
feedback loops

focus: value delivery & goals
process & collaboration
transparency & openness
demonstrate observable outcomes

practices & interactions
reflection & adaptation & inspection
technical excellence & good design

Learning Outcome

- Cross-functional team membership
- Getting to why over how
- Supportive environments
- Common agile vocabulary
- The importance of mindset

Target Audience

Individual team members interested in understanding agile

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some agile vocabulary would be helpful, but the most essential thing is self-reflection

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    JOELLEN CARTER - 4 things you're getting wrong about quality in agile (and how to get them right)

    Director of Engineering, QA
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    60 Mins

    Quality in agile - that's supposed to happen organically, right? We have processes and activities that are supposed to build quality in and involve the whole team in quality. We sprinkle in some agile magic and abracadabra! We have quality! Right? Wrong.

    I'm here to state a potentially controversial opinion that building a quality product requires a dedicated focus on quality across your organization, especially as your organization grows and you try to scale your processes. In particular, if you're doing these things in the name of 'quality', you need to just stop. Maybe not stop doing those things, but stop thinking they completely address quality in your product. Instead, you might want to try building quality into your organization, not just your product.

    I'll tell you the story of Olo as we doubled in size (from < 40 to about 80) and how we recognized the need for consistent messaging and processes around quality across our engineering department and how we revamped our focus on quality without resorting to waterfall.