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You have an idea for an app. It’s going to be amazing! Of course you want to build it right. But you have to get it out there fast. You need to use an Agile, Lean Startup approach, with all the benefits of DevOps. And it needs to grow quickly and iteratively. The big problem is that your full staff accounts to one person… you. In this entertaining session, you will learn how to make your app dreams come true. Using the python programming language, GitHub and Heroku, Bryan will demonstrate a simple way to quickly iterate on your ideas, moving code through tests and deploying to production.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation starts with a brief history of how software development has changed over the last 20 years.

We then talk about what technologies have emerged to help us.

Next, I present a small program that uses these new technologies, demonstrating taking a change from development to production in about 8 seconds. We do a review of Heroku demonstrating how it works.We review unit tests and discuss different types of testing that exists. The API is demonstrated and modified again practicing TDD and Refactoring while using Heroku to bring our changes to production. We repeat this cycle, looking at different parts of the application and explaining how that technology helps us.

Time is saved at the end for questions and answers.

Learning Outcome

  • How to use Microservices
  • How to work in a Continuous Delivery environment
  • Experience rapidly building a web application
  • Practice DevOps in a safe environment
  • Create hobby projects using Agile technical practices
  • Manage projects with Heroku
  • Setup an API project

Target Audience

Developers looking to learn about DevOps, Microservices, TDD, Refactoring all on a small scale.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some programming knowledge is helpful. There will be code displayed on the screen at times but it will be highly readable by everyone.

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  • 120 Mins

    In knowledge work, learning is the bottleneck. What if there was a way to increase shared knowledge, that creates better designed solutions, easier to maintain and more rewarding to build?

    In this fun and energetic session, we will learn the basics of Test Driven Design/Development (TDD) through the use of Lego. We will create failing tests, make them pass and then refactor. We won't be writing software, we will be using LEGO bricks. By working with our hands these technical concepts that can be tricky to wrap your head around will be simplified. Designed for non-technical people but loved by developers everywhere.

  • Cathy Cartwright

    Cathy Cartwright - Imagineering . . . The Science of Cutting Edge Teams, How to Skip Stormin Normin

    Cathy Cartwright
    Cathy Cartwright
    IHS Markit
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    120 Mins

    In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to harness the power of cognitive diversity to maximize team outcomes. Designed for adult learning and delivered by engaging co-facilitators, the program’s content is simple to understand, immediately applicable, engaging and entertaining. By using a psychometrically sound instrument, participants will explore the science and seven attributes of thinking and behavioral preferences. These seven attributes include analytical, structural, social and conceptual thinking and expressive, assertive and flexible behaviors. Imagine how a series of purposeful activities can take participants from self-discovery to harnessing the power of team interactions. Participants will find new ways to connect and collaborate for cutting edge teamwork. Participants will learn a common language that will bypass the need for team storming and norming.

    Program participants will be given a profile, compliments of IHS Markit and Emergenetics®, which measures thinking and behavioral styles. When using a fierce approach to teamwork, the outcomes will show increased productivity and amplified engagement.

    An Emergenetics® profile will be available to the first 100 people that request it, compliments of IHS Markit and Emergenetics®. This will enhance the workshop learning. Send an email to Cathy.Cartwright@ihsmarkit.com to obtain a link to your profile. A drawing will be held at the end of the workshop to win an autographed book.