Thu, 30th Aug - Sun, 2nd Sep 2018
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The Global Data Science Spectacle is Finally in India

The latest trends, tools, and best practices from leading data science experts. We deliver real value for data science professionals through practical expertise and thought leadership.

ODSC is one of the biggest specialized data science event, with a focus on impactful tools and leading industry practices. Our speakers include core contributors to many open source products used by data scientists all over the world.

Carefully crafted agenda for ODSC India 2018 includes presentations by leading kagglers, machine learning engineers, and data visualization wizards. Attend ODSC India 2018 and acquire practical skills and theoretical knowledge that drives cutting-edge data science at leading global enterprises.

Conference Themes:

  • Data Management and Integration
    • Talks on special storage and retrieval requirements, depending on specific processing needs
    • Talks on elegant (and not so elegant) hacks and tweaks in data management and integration
    • Talks on constraint-based tech choices/tradeoffs/overheads/prices paid,
    • Case studies (stories) showing how particular processing needs drive the choice of a product and/or features or maverick usage.
    • Talks on technologies for Big data.
    • Talks on Patterns emerging in Data Management and Integration
  • Data Visualization
    • Talks on various novel ideas for visualization techniques for the exploratory analysis stage
    • Visualization techniques for consumption by end-user Reporting/Dashboarding etc.
    • Talks on visualization tools
      • Not just tools like Tableau but also on web UI tools like d3.js
    • Talks on Visualization at scale
      • Fast Visualizations on large (100s of MBs) and extremely large data (GBs of data)
      • Serving jazzy visualizations to a large number of users simultaneously
  • Data Analytics
    • Talks on how you've used Statistical Modelling and/or Machine Learning/Deep Learning
    • Talks on tweaks/hacks when using certain algorithms
    • Experience reports of using different algorithms during exploration
    • Case studies of using algorithms in production, challenges faced, performance review, etc.
    • Expectations from future
  • Productionizing Data Science
    • Challenges faced when taking fascinating POCs to production.
    • Journey from product Ideas to Products: show your scars and tell tales of bravery, wisdom and craft used for winning the battles in production.
    • Financial Impact of data science
    • Agility and Data Science
      • Tell stories of how you achieved faster feedback cycles and got out of the traditional waterfallish “endless research” curse suffered by data science projects
      • Suggest ways to improve the agility of data science projects
  • Pitches: (short 10 mins talks)
    • Startups in this space who want to pitch their idea and attract talent
    • Inviting contributors to implement some fascinating idea
    • Spread awareness about your open source tool/implementation
    • Explain specific unsolved problems and appeal to the community for help to solve.