Communicate with the 'Data' in Ruby & Ruby Web Apps


Communicate with the 'Data' in Ruby & Ruby Web Apps


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'The more we use, more useful it will be'. Rather than switching to other languages for data science work; why not use the powerful existing gems which is continuously growing under the Ruby Science Foundation i.e. SciRuby named daru and it's plugin gems daru-io and daru-view .

In this talk, you will learn how you can process, analyze, interactive visualize the data with additional features as data analysts & Predictive Analysts for Business and data representation in web applications that you won't find in other languages.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


First 10 minutes, audience will be focused on current data science requirements and followed by how daru and it's plugin gem daru-io and daru-view seems promising for data analysts & Predictive Analytics for Business and data representation in Ruby web applications.

Next 10-15 minutes, demonstration will go on from importing the data (from various real world sources/formats) using daru-io , manipulation and analysis using daru, plotting various interactive charts in IRuby notebook and Ruby web applications (Rails/ Sinatra/Nanoc/Hanami) & downloading the charts using daru-view and exporting the manipulated/required data set using daru-io .

Features that will be covered are in Ruby Science Foundation i.e. SciRuby blog posts or our contributors blog posts :

Learning Outcome

Rubyist will be started accepting Ruby in Data Science and related fields after learning crunching and cleaning data read/write from/to a variety of sources and generating beautiful plots of that data with just a few lines of Ruby code.

Target Audience

This will be an entry/intermediate level talk, where expert Rubyist will see new world of data analysis in Ruby.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior experience with data analysis and visualization is not a necessity but having some exposure to basic data analysis is recommended.

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  • Vishal Gokhale
    By Vishal Gokhale  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    Thanks for the proposal, Shekhar !

    I think the audience at the conference may not be familiar with Ruby. 
    But I am sure most / all of them will have done some programming at some point. 

    You might want to include something in the talk to address that gap.
    Something on the lines of:

    • Start with helping the audience appreciate "why ruby" (you may conduct an audience poll at runtime to see if this is required)
    • Then move to problems with heterogeneous mixture of languages
    • and then proceed to the main content you have. 

    The above can be a covered in short at the start of the session so that the audience has a context and can appreciate the main content better.