Build an Omni-Channel Experience with Artificial Intelligence

This is an era of giving an omni-channel experience, that is, one that gives different integration points like web-browser/mobile/phone-call with personalisation. Artificial Intelligence, namely virtual agents/conversational bots have jumped in here to give that seamless experience. Learn how to build an omnichannel conversational bot that can converse in Indian language and can handle complex natural language queries or long tail questions, which will give you a head start on the potent customer experience. We will take you through the services and code required to quickly build an agent that can function over different channels like Web App, Mobile App, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Alexa and IVR.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to technology(25 minutes)
  • Architecture Discussion(5 minutes)
  • Demo(5 minutes)
  • Deployment of code by developers(1 hour)

Learning Outcome

Developers will:

  • Learn to build conversational bots that can handle complex queries/long tail questions.
  • Learn to Integrate with multiple channels
  • Learn more about Natural Language Processing/Natural Language Generation

Target Audience

Developers interested in building conversational bots that can handle complex natural language queries

Prerequisites for Attendees

Minimal understanding of Natural Language Processing(NLP) and AI based conversational bots

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