Deep Dive into Data Science with KNIME Analytics Platform

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In this course we cover the major steps in a data science project, from data access, data pre-processing, and data visualization to machine learning, model optimization, and deployment using the KNIME Analytics Platform.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to the data science cycle (CRISP-DM)
  • Introduction to KNIME
  • Reading Data
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Optimization
  • Exporting & Deployment

Target Audience

Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Specialists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Science Enthusiasts

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    Kathrin Melcher / Vincenzo Tursi - Sentiment Analysis with Deep Learning, Machine Learning or Lexicon Based

    90 Mins

    Do you want to know what your customers, users, contacts, or relatives really think? Find out by building your own sentiment analysis application.

    In this workshop you will build a sentiment analysis application, step by step, using KNIME Analytics Platform. After an introduction to the most common techniques used for sentiment analysis and text mining, we will work in three groups, each one focusing on a different technique.

    • Deep Learning: This group will work with the visual Keras deep learning integration available in KNIME (completely code free)
    • Machine Learning: This group will use other machine learning techniques, based on native KNIME nodes
    • Lexicon Based: This group will focus on a lexicon based approach for sentiment analysis