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Genomic data is outpacing traditional Big Data disciplines, producing more information than Astronomy, twitter, and YouTube combined. As such, Genomic research has leapfrogged to the forefront of Big Data and Cloud solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate insights from these unprecedented volumes of data. This talk hence showcases how we find the disease genes responsible for ALS using VariantSpark, which is a custom random forest implementation built on top of Spark to deal with the 80 million columns in genomic data. This talk also outlines how we use a serverless architecture to translate these insights onto the clinical practice by provide a decision support framework for clinicians to find actionable genomic insights and process medical records at a speed fit for point-of-care application. Furthermore, the talk also touches on how to evolve serverless architecture more efficiently through an hypothesis-driven approach to DevOps and how we keep data and functions secure in a serverless environment.

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    Naresh Jain / Dr. Arun Verma / Dr. Denis Bauer / Favio Vázquez / Sheamus McGovern / Drs. Tarry Singh / Dr. Tom Starke / Dr. Veena Mendiratta - Unanswered Questions - Ask the Experts!

    45 Mins

    Through the conference, we would have heard different speaker's perspective and experience with Data Science and AI. In this closing panel, we want to step back and look at any unanswered questions that the audience would have.

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    Dr. Denis Bauer - Crunch Data and Deploy Serverless Architecture the Smart Way

    Dr. Denis Bauer
    Dr. Denis Bauer
    Team Leader Transformational Bioinformatics
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    480 Mins

    The workshop will showcase how to perform machine learning analysis on notebooks, where the participants will be able to run their own Jupyter or Databricks notebook to find predictive features in a dataset with many columns. Furthermore, it will showcase how to deploy a serverless architecture using AWS CloudFormation template. The workshop also provides the opportunity to discuss differences in academic versus commercial data science.

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