A Robust Approach to Open Vocabulary Image Retrieval with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning

Enabling computer systems to respond to conversational human language is a challenging problem with wide-ranging applications in the field of robotics and human computer interaction. Specifically, in image searches, humans tend to describe objects in fine-grained detail like color or company, for which conventional retrieval algorithms have shown poor performance. In this paper, a novel approach for open vocabulary image retrieval, capable of selecting the correct candidate image from among a set of distractions given a query in natural language form, is presented. Our methodology focuses on generating a robust set of image-text projections capable of accurately representing any image, with an objective of achieving high recall. To this end, an ensemble of classifiers is trained on ImageNet for representing high-resolution objects, Cifar 100 for smaller resolution images of objects and Caltech 256 for challenging views of everyday objects, for generating category-based projections. In addition to category based projections, we also make use of an image captioning model trained on MS COCO and Google Image Search (GISS) to capture additional semantic/latent information about the candidate images. To facilitate image retrieval, the natural language query and projection results are converted to a common vector representation using word embeddings, with which query-image similarity is computed. The proposed model when benchmarked on the RefCoco dataset, achieved an accuracy of 68.8%, while retrieving semantically meaningful candidate images.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction and why is it required

Previous work done in these fields

The approach

The results obtained

Learning Outcome

A new perspective into making speech more efficiently understood by the machines and produce reasonable outputs to us.

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Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic NLP and CV understanding would do.

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  • Dr. Vikas Agrawal
    By Dr. Vikas Agrawal  ~  5 months ago
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    Dear Srivalya: Good to see your IEEE paper. Is there a way you could include a video of yourself introducing the topic and what people can expect to learn please? 

    Warm Regards


    • Srivalya  Elluru
      By Srivalya Elluru  ~  5 months ago
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      Hello Sir, 
      I have uploaded the intro and expected learning video section and also a complete project explanation in the links section.

      Please do check it out.

      Thank You,

      Srivalya Elluru

    • Srivalya  Elluru
      By Srivalya Elluru  ~  5 months ago
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      Thank you, Sure :)

      Should the video explain the complete workout of the paper or just briefing up and what people can learn from this is enough?