On Architecting Internet of Things analytics pipeline

This talk will discuss the crucial considerations of various phases of the complete IoT analytics lifecycle, right from IoT applications to IoT analytics driving essential ROI for IoT.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Outline of the session:

Phase 1:

This phase will introduce audiences to the complete IoT reference architecture -

  • Understanding the IoT stack
  • It's difference with the web stack
  • Finally, understanding the IoT reference architecture

Phase 2:

This phase will elaborate on the architectural considerations for the various phases of IoT analytics lifecycle -

  • The data ingestion and data management
  • Edge Analytics Architecture
  • Gateways architectural considerations
  • Cloud Analytics Architecture

While the first phase of this talk will be discussed at a high level as it is crucial to know, the major focus of this talk will be on the second phase i.e IoT analytics architectural considerations!

Further ahead, these architectural considerations will be better elaborated with demos -

Edge analytics demo -

  • AI for IoT on the edge --> with Azure IoT edge (along with Raspberry Pi)

Cloud analytics demo -

  • Working across an end to end IoT predictive analytics pipeline on the cloud --> with Azure / GCP / AWS (atleast one demo with either of the cloud providers, more - if time permits)

Learning Outcome

From this talk, you will understand the essential aspects of planning and designing an enterprise grade IoT analytics architecture along with certain implications.

Target Audience

Data Science Practitioners, IoT Practitioners, Technology Decision Makers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Analytics pipeline will be discussed in details, however it is good to know -

  • How IoT works
  • How analytics works
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