Success of deep learning in radiology

Deep learning and machine learning have infested every known field in last couple of years. Healthcare has not remained immune to it either. This tutorial discusses trends of using deep learning in radiological applications.

This tutorial will present a primer of using deep learning in radiology applications such as detection of pneumonia from lung images, diabetic retinopathy in eye images, detection of lung cancer nodules and detection of cell nuclei among others.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

A detailed Jupyter notebook based presentation on

- what is deep learning (DL) and DL architectures

- Applications

+ lung cancer

+ pneumonia

+ diabetic retinopathy

+ nuclei detection

- Future roadmap

- Conclusions

Learning Outcome

Understanding of how deep learning can be applied to radiological applications.

Target Audience

AI developers, Healthcare professionals, Computer Vision Professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees

Exposure to Machine Learning and radiological image analysis

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