Data Analysis, Dashboards and Visualization - How to create powerful visualizations like a Zen Master

In today’s data economy and disruptive business environment, data is the new oil and data analysis with data visualization is vital for professionals and companies to stay competitive. Data Analysis and developing useful and interactive visualizations which provide insights may seem complex for a non -data professional. That should not be the case, thanks to various BI & data visualization tools. Tableau is one of the most popular one and widely used in various industries by individual users to enterprise roll out.

In this complete hands-on training session (slides, workbooks and data-sets will be distributed in advance), you will learn to turn your data into interactive dashboards, how to create stories with data and share these dashboards with your audience. We will begin with a quick refresher of basics about design and information literacy and discussions about practices for creating charts and storytelling utilizing best visual practices. Whether your goal is to explain an insight or let your audience explore data insights, using Tableau’s simple drag-and-drop user interface makes the task easy and enjoyable.

You will learn to use functionalities like Table Calculations, Sets, Filters, Level of Detail expressions, Animations, predictive analytics using forecast functions and understanding Clustering. You will learn to integrate R and Tableau and how to use R within Tableau. Learn advance charts such as Waterfall charts, Pareto charts, Gantt Charts, Control Charts and Box and Whisker’s plot. You will also learn mapping, using parameters and other visual functionalities. You will learn about data preparation – joins, blending, union and Tableau Prep.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll cover intermediate and advanced tableau functionality:

  1. Database connectivity
  2. Blending and joins using multiple data sources, web connectors and plugins, Tableau Prep
  3. Perform data analyses and create graphs from a real-world dataset, using Tableau Public (free to use)
  4. Deeper Analysis – Trends, Clustering, Distributions, and Forecasting
  5. Table Calculations, Sets, Filters, Level of Detail expressions, Parameters
  6. Spatial analytics - Using Maps and Geocoding
  7. Right and Wrong way to build Dashboards and Best Practices
  8. Design for Mobile consideration
  9. Which Tableau product is best for you
    1. Online, Server, Desktop, Public and Prep
  10. Tableau workflow for enterprises – how to roll it within your enterprise
  11. Examples of Tableau Stories and Dashboards best practices + Tips
    1. Alerts
    2. Dashboard Objects
    3. Choose Five or Fewer Colors for Your Dashboards
    4. Common Charts to use
    5. Include Comparisons for data – time series (annual, quarterly, etc)
    6. Use Segmentation for visuals
    7. Design Tips for Enhancing Your Tableau Visualizations
    8. Creating Efficient Workbooks
    9. Make Beautiful Charts in Tableau and Advanced ones - Waterfall, Pareto, etc
  12. Tableau and R Integration
    1. Prediction with R and Tableau Using Regression
    2. Decision trees in Tableau using R

Learning Outcome

After this training session, you will gain skills to confidently analyze and visualize complex data sets with ease and minimum programming. In short, you will be guided using data sets to build a compelling and convincing story. You will build those stories during the session with best visual practices. This session is for anyone who works with data and is interested in building dashboards and communicate insights about data with stories.

  • Create the most important visuals used in business analysis and transform data in Tableau
  • Design business dashboards with Tableau
  • Tell stories with data
  • Deliver compelling business analysis
  • Be fully prepared to examine, and present data for any purpose - scientific data or forecasts about profits/sales,hr,finance

Target Audience

Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Intermediate to Advanced Users of Data, Professional from any background looking to analyze their own data and create meaningful insights and to communicate to their stakeholders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Software you will need on your laptop for the workshop:

1) Tableau Public: It's free to install, Go to this link and install Tableau Public

2) Tableau Reader: It's free too and can be used to open Tableau worksheets created by others.

3) Install a demo version of Tableau and Tableau Prep, few days before the workshop since it's a 14 day free trial.

4) R and R Studio

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