Transformation of Healthcare Systems: Solving Interoperability issues to enable Advanced Analytics driven decisions

Drowning in siloed data that is ineffectual, major players in the healthcare industry of today recognize the need for a radical shift in their strategy that can boost their operational capabilities. With Data and Analytics becoming the synonyms for competitive edge in every industry, Healthcare organizations will need to embrace Advanced Analytics to stay ahead of their game. Today, many healthcare providers use minimal analytics and have ineffective, dissociated data handling practices that inhibit interoperability and prevent them from accurately utilizing patient data. Thus, the need for healthcare providers to adopt a data virtualization platform that seamlessly integrates across all their data sources and platforms to provide actionable insights becomes paramount.

TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Platform creates an ecosystem that can help Healthcare providers in accelerating their journey towards Digital Transformation. Using the platform’s dynamic capabilities, hospitals and health care centres can utilize interoperability to correlate patient’s previous medical history and predictively provide contextual healthcare on the move such as identifying/reacting to key medical trends beforehand, prescription of relevant drugs, predicting effect of medicines and identifying high risk patients to reduce readmissions/ER visits.

TIBCO’s capabilities have revolutionized the Digital Transformation of numerous Healthcare providers such as University of Chicago Medicine and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the past.

Additionally we also give the capability for Healthcare organization to include IoT devices into their ecosystem. Both to ingest data from IoT devices and take action at the edge device directly.

Some of our customer have been able to achieve cost savings of $600,000/year, reduce cardiac arrest cases by 20%, improve operating room efficiency by 15% and reduce high risk readmissions through interoperability and advanced patient identification capabilities. Please have a look at my recent publications on examples of how this can be achieved.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

I will walk through the need for solving interoparability and understanding how to solve data challenges before moving on to advanced analytics. With the use of AI/ML algorithms patient centric healthcare & CDS's ( Clinical decision support ) can easily be provided.

Learning Outcome

Understanding how to leverage Analytics the right way to ensure an outcome driven approach like Value based care.

Target Audience

People who have a basic understanding of analytics

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Deepti Tomar
    By Deepti Tomar  ~  11 months ago
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    Hello Ashwin !

    Thank you for your submission. Could you also provide video link(s) to your past conferences/presentations or a 2 mins trailer of the session recorded using a phone, google hangout etc. )



  • Anoop Kulkarni
    By Anoop Kulkarni  ~  11 months ago
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    Ashwin, thank you for your proposal. Healthcare remains bogged down due to many interoperability issues starting from none to varied formats for medical records. 

    Would you be spending about 10 minutes on the platform and remaining 10 on analytics or is the focus more on analytics with a cursory introduction of the platform? I would personally prefer the latter.

    It would be good if you could share the brief outline of your talk.