Transfer Learning in Unsupervised text processing

Today we are facing enormous amount of unstructured textual data. Given a text processing problem, how to start? What models to build language model with? Can models trained in similar domains be exploited. These are some trailing questions.

1. When and how to use Transfer Learning- new vocabulary? 2. Challenges in Text processing and Transfer Learning 3. Effectively method selection for transfer learning 4. Applications 5. How to validate your model?

Presentation on Aspect detection in unsupervised domain using Transfer Learning from structure prediction.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Word Embedding, text representation

Different problems in unstructured text

Transfer Learning - When, how and what to do.

Problem Definition- Unsupervised Aspect extraction

Validation and comparison

Learning Outcome

How to train model for unstructured text for Text processing

Update embedding models

Think about reusing and retraining models from other domains

Validating models

Target Audience

Industry or academicians

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knows basic of Neural Networks and Language models

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  • Kuldeep Jiwani
    By Kuldeep Jiwani  ~  6 months ago
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    Hi Debjyoti,

    Are you planning to just explain the concept of Aspect embeddings from the papers you have provided in the links. Or you have also tried the methods mentioned in the paper in your own area and are planning to run the audience through your own results and experience 

    • Debjyoti Paul
      By Debjyoti Paul  ~  6 months ago
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      Hi Kuldeep,

      yes I will gives examples and demos of application of the methods in different areas I explored in addition to explaining the topics and also add my insights while working on the same. 

      • Kuldeep Jiwani
        By Kuldeep Jiwani  ~  6 months ago
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        Thanks for the clarification

  • Dr. Vikas Agrawal
    By Dr. Vikas Agrawal  ~  7 months ago
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    Dear Debjyoti: Thanks for the proposal! Can you please add a video of yourself talking about the topic to the ODSC audience or a video from a past presentation of yours?

    Warm Regards