Human Emotions are the best judge of a person's mood . In today's world people even have mixed mood . Considering the work pressure & distress home is a place which can become a energy booster or a energy vampire based on the way it is designed . So building a Emotion Aware Smart Home will be the best one can gift himself .


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Deep Learning models

Detection of Human Emotions through Deep Learning

Making Smart Homes Emotion Aware

Learning Outcome

Deep Learning concepts & practical implementation

Target Audience

Anyone with interest in A.I

Prerequisites for Attendees

Interest in field of A.I & Machine Learning


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  • Anoop Kulkarni
    By Anoop Kulkarni  ~  9 months ago
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    Thanks for your interesting take on using DL for analyzing emotions. While this sounds good, am not quite clear from the proposal, just what data set are you planning to use to (a) train the model and (b) to predict ; e.g. dont you need "sensors" ?

    Will help us evaluate better if some more clarity is provided. Also, do indicate a break up of your presentation in terms of time for each sub-bullet you wish to cover.