Indian Research Information Network: Data Analytics on Indian Scholarly Contribution

The scholarly communication activities scattered in various places in the academic environment such as HR system, course management, grant management system, institutional repositories, open and commercial citation databases, funding agencies and scholarly publishers, etc. It is a challenging task and time-consuming process to find out potential collaborator for the research project, project proposal review, inter-disciplinary research. The research and progress of research within or across the institute is not having much visibility to the research community or do not get due publicity due to lack of sharing the research activities or lack of awareness about the open source tools, techniques. Institute level research activities organised in the proper manner, as a nation, we could save huge money and efforts. The research information management system with local customisation is inevitable and getting popular due to the national and international level assessment system/ ranking system. Development/adoption of Research Information Management system compatible with the international standard is vital for any organisation to showcase the research activities to the peer group or the funding agencies.

Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS) is an open source Research Information Management System and collaboratively developed and executed by the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) and Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Gandhinagar. The author has implemented IRINS instance for 25+ higher education institution in our country including IISC Bangalore, IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, Pondicherry University, National Aerospace Laboratories and National Brain Research Centre, etc. The system helps the organization to aggregate all the research related information and showcase the research progress of the faculty members, department, and organization with various graphical representation.

IRINS Implementations

The presentation provides a comprehensive idea about an open source research information management system with data analytics and its impact in the scholarly community in India to showcase the research contributions of the faculty members and scientists.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

How Scholarly Communication activities Scattered?

Challenges in Research eco system

Expectation from the stakeholders

How research related question addressed today?

Query from the research administrator

Why we need research information management system

Indian Research Information Network System

Research Data capture and data analytics

Publication metrics and Social Media Metrics

Faculty Profile, Department Profile and Organisation profile with data visualisation

IRINS features and Functionalities

IRINS Implementation

Future directions

Learning Outcome

After Attending the talk, the participants know about the importance of research information management system and its impact in the scholarly communication system. Also, know about the use of Indian Research Information Network Systema and its implementation at the Higher Education Institutions in India.

Target Audience

Research Scholar, Information Professional, Scholarly Publishing Industry, Knowledge Manager, Research Administrator

Prerequisites for Attendees

The participants should know about the scholarly communication system and life cycle of citation and social media metrics and Research Information Management System

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