Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Whitepaper

Artificial Intelligence has great potential for building a better, smarter world, but at the same time brings significant security risks. Because of the lack of security consideration in the early development of AI algorithms, attackers can manipulate the data results that can lead in a way to misjudgments. In critical areas such as healthcare, transportation and surveillance this gap can be devastating; leading to vulnerabilities and to security risks. Malicious attacks on AI systems or misinformation or mis-judgement in decision-making algorithms can lead to asset loss endangering property loss or even personal safety.

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the various security risks and vulnerabilities posed by emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies as well as the ethical dimensions of these as they affect the corporate, industrial, academic and social aspects of society in the present day. We will address the various cybersecurity risks associated with Artificial Intelligence and how to mitigate them.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Slides will be presented on a screen along with a demonstration of the main points covered in talk

Structure of the presentation will follow the structure of the whitepaper which shall be submitted

Followed by any questions or discussion of various points covered in the talk

Learning Outcome

Awareness of varied roles for AI in cybersecurity

Knowledge of experiments and simulations done in various environments using AI chatbots

Knowledge of various aspects of information security management

Ethical implications of AI in society and Internet social media surveillance etc.

Target Audience

Information Security professionals, AI practitioners

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