A tutorial on survival analysis models in marketing

Survival analysis models have been used in healthcare for a long time. In this tutorial, attendees will earn about the use of statistical concepts behind survival analysis and implement a real-world application of these methods in R in the area of marketing and business analytics to understand the customer attrition and life-time value.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

1. Present concept of survival analysis

2. Present concept of life time value

3. Demonstrate how survival analysis is used in healthcare and translated to marketing in R

Learning Outcome

Marketing managers and data scientists will be able to identify when customers will switch brands or will have attrition as well as how to derive value from them.

Target Audience

Marketing and Data Science Professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Statistical concepts

R basic knowledge

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  • Anoop Kulkarni
    By Anoop Kulkarni  ~  8 months ago
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    Hi Sudipta,

    I was looking at the proposal and had an internal discussion amongst us. We are hard pressed to find the link between survival analysis in healthcare and marketing and business analytics that is repeatedly mentioned in the proposal.

    Could you help me understand the link between the two and just how you intend to make the link obvious for the audience? Please fill in your response here with any additional details that you may think help us decide better.



    • Sudipta Dasmohapatra
      By Sudipta Dasmohapatra  ~  8 months ago
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      Sure. We use survival modeling all the time in the business and marketing world to look at time until a customer does something e.g., switch brands, makes purchase of a particular product, etc. We can measure survival of a customer at a firm,  and customer lifetime value calculations (using Survival modeling + NPV modeling). 

  • Dr. Vikas Agrawal
    By Dr. Vikas Agrawal  ~  9 months ago
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    Dear Dr. Sudipta: It is great to see your interest in presenting at ODSC 2019. It will be nice if you could please post a video of your previous talks or an introduction to the topic within the proposal as well. Warm Regards, Vikas

    • Anoop Kulkarni
      By Anoop Kulkarni  ~  10 months ago
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      Thanks for your proposal. Interesting area. What specific data from healthcare you intent to use in your presentation?



      • Sudipta Dasmohapatra
        By Sudipta Dasmohapatra  ~  9 months ago
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        Breast Cancer dataset. We are creating R codes specifically to show Time to Event analysis (Risk of Cancer and Survival).