Next Generation of End point security protection with Machine learning

IT Security is keeping CXOs up at night across the globe. 10, even 5 years ago, the network was the perimeter for Enterprises . No longer. The endpoint is the now the last line of defense against Security attacks. Endpoint IDs and devices form the new perimeter today. Traditional security solutions such as Antivirus, Data leak prevention solutions based on static and contained information such as MD5 signatures cannot cope with ever growing security threats affecting end points. AI /ML based solutions which help identify, learn and provide superior detection opens up a new opportunity in end point security. We, as a group of passionate security / ML researchers will like to share the learning and opportunity in applying ML in new generation security solutions.

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Outline/Structure of the Case Study

- New Perimeter for Enterprises and Challenges

- Current solutions and Limitations

- ML Opportunities

- Our experience with ML application in security

- Quick demo

- Road ahead

- Q&A

Learning Outcome

- Understanding on Enterprise security and threats

- Application of ML in security

- Our experience and learning

Target Audience

Enterprise customers, Security Practitioners, AI / ML Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees

General understanding of IT world, ML understanding and appreciations, Security basics

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