Building AI and ML into products in a Multi tenant cloud environment - some general best Practices

This will be a session from a technical and from a product and project management perspective. Building ai and ML into products requires a different mindset due to research required which requires engineers, product and project managers to have a unique process different from traditional product development. Further this can be complicated in a Multi tenant cloud environment to do it right. This session will provide some general practices that can help application engineers and data science engineers and project and product managers build in ai and ml in products.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. When to build ai/ml into a product

2. Discover 5 steps to building ai/ml into a product

3. Unique technical aspects to take care

4. Metrics in a DS product

5. How to build yourself and your org for AI/ML (Self and org development)

Learning Outcome

1. Walk away with a step by step process of how to build in AI/ML

2. Walk away with a method to build AI/ML competencies in self and in an organization

Target Audience

Engineers, Engineering Managers, Project Managers, Senior Leaders who wish to build AI/ML produts or wish to build AI/ML competencies in an organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of software engineering practices and basic knowledge of data science

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