Conversational AI has become one of the major talked about issues today. In this talk, we discuss the various types of conversational systems (like Chatbots, Question Answering Systems, Goal-Oriented systems, ... ) and their use cases in the real world. For each of the types of the conversational system, we also discuss the various approaches taken towards building them (like IR, Neural Networks). Finally, we will discuss the hype vs the state of the art. Here, we see whether we have really reached a state what we claim!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • History and Introduction to Conversational AI
  • Industry Usecases of Conversational AI
  • Types of Conversational AI Systems
  • Technical Approaches towards the Conversational AI Systems
  • Technical Challenges that need to be addressed
  • State of the Art
  • Hype vs Reality

Learning Outcome

We try to answer the following and you learn about them.

  • What is Conversational AI
  • Why are people making so much noise about it?
  • Type of solution and their technical approaches
  • Have we reached where we want to be?

Target Audience

The people who are into NLP/NLU/NLG or are interested in NLP/NLU/NLG

Prerequisites for Attendees

It is desirable to have basics of IR, NLP, ML, DL

However, it may not be necessary to have all of them. Try it out!

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  • Ashay Tamhane
    By Ashay Tamhane  ~  10 months ago
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    Hi Sumant, thanks for your proposal. Couple of things:

    1. Kindly add a short video on your earlier talks/presentation or record a short trailer for your talk

    2. It would be great if you could revisit your proposal with more details on the actual use case solved, apart from the generic details on conversational AI.