Realtime Currency detection with Seeing AI

AI is not just for data scientists. Developers can build practical applications that ride on the underlying machine learning models to build practical applications. In this session, we take a look at Seeing AI a deep neural network model for the visually challenged. We look at how we can integrate Seeing AI into applications and use it for currency detection.

With minimal slides and a more hands-on approach, we walk through the process of how developers can build, train and integrate the ML model into their applications and deploy the same on the EDGE for real-time detection of something as diverse as currencies.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • Data preparation and pre-processing
  • Choosing the right model
  • Build and Train the model
  • Deploy the model to the EDGE
  • Currency detection and other practical examples
  • Summary

Learning Outcome

You can understand how to build and deploy a machine learning model integrated with an app on the mobile. The EDGE deployment allows models to be used even with no connection to the cloud and even without a internet connection.

Target Audience

AI/ML Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Python, TensorFlow, iOS/Android development.

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