Five Key Pitfalls in Data Analysis

Data Science is all about deriving actionable insights through data analysis.
There is no denying the fact that such insights have a tremendous business value.
But what if -
Some crucial data has been left out of consideration ?
Wrong inferences have been drawn during analysis ?
Results have been graphically misrepresented?
Imagine the adverse impact on your business if you take wrong decisions based on such cases.

In this talk we will discuss the following 5 key pitfalls to lookout for in the data analysis results before you take any decisions based on them
1. Selection Bias
2. Survivor Bias
3. Confounding Effects
4. Equating Correlation to Causation
5. Misleading Visualizations

These are some of the most common points that are overlooked by the beginners in Data Science.

The talk will draw upon many examples from real life situations to illustrate these points.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Goal of Data Science (1 min.)
  • Data Wrangling - Absolutely Necessary but Not Sufficient (2 mins.)
  • Issues Not Addressed by Data Wrangling (2 mins)
  • Selection Bias (5 mins.)
  • Survivor Bias (5 mins.)
  • Confounding Effects (5 mins.)
  • Equating Correlation to Causation (5 mins.)
  • Misleading Visualizations (5 mins.)
  • Conclusions (5 mins.)
  • Q & A (5 mins.)

[Please Note: The slides for this talk are under preparation and will be shared with reviewers at the earliest. Meanwhile I have populated the Slide section with a link to my presentation in Agile India conference to give reviewers an idea of how I normally organize my slides. The Video section has a link to a free preview video of my course "What is Data Science?" hosted in Udemy Platform. I don't have the video for the topic I am proposing here.]

Learning Outcome

  1. A beginner will be able to avoid the pitfalls discussed in this talk and produce more authentic data analysis results.
  2. By understanding these pitfalls a decision maker will be able to constructively question the analyst's finding and avoid taking wrong and costly decisions.

Target Audience

Data Science Beginners; People who take data-driven decisions;

Prerequisites for Attendees

No Prerequisites.

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