Need for an organisational data strategy

As organisations grow, management of data becomes just as important as gathering and extracting intelligence from data. Thanks to the low cost of storage and more intelligent data accumulation end point solutions, there has been an exponential growth in data accumulation. Multiple questions need to looked at like:

  • Where is there a single version of truth for the data being used?
  • How safe is data?
  • Is it compliant with privacy regulations of countries that end users of the system reside in?
  • Do authorised parties have access to data in a convenient manner?

Defining a data strategy for the organisation and setting up a system that allows the strategy to evolve requires dedicated focus and it remains a full time role. This talk discusses the need and relevance for having a data strategy for any organisation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • Problems with natural data accumulation
    • super market analogy
  • New age requirements
    • data sharing
    • data security
    • privacy regulation compliance
  • Treating data as a digital asset
  • Defining new roles
    • Chief Data Officer
    • Team for managing data
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learning the following

  • data handling needs focused attention especially as it accumulates
  • data management cannot be responsibility of the individual teams who consume it.
  • there needs to be a clear strategy that associates business model of the organisation and the data relevant to it.
  • need to setup a focused practise in an organisation to manage data.

Target Audience

management, IT.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Vishal Gokhale
    By Vishal Gokhale  ~  9 months ago
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    Hi Mukund, 

    Thanks for submitting a proposal. This is an important area in Big Data space. 

    We had a talk on Feature Platforms (which appears somewhat connected to your topic) last year at ODSC. 
    For the sake of making it explicit, request you to please take a look at the video and outline how you would differentiate your talk from that one?
    I understand that Data Strategy is a little more generic and Feature platforms could be one way to serve some of the needs that you highlight.
    Would you be touching upon other approaches to serve the same needs along with their assumptions and pros & cons ?

    Also, do you have a video of yourself presenting on this / similar topic?
    If yes, request you to please share a link. 
    If not, request you to please record a short (5-10 mins) video summary of this talk.
    This is to help the Program Committee get a feel for your presentation style.

    Please feel free to write back if you have any questions/concerns on any of the points.


    • Mukund Rajamannar
      By Mukund Rajamannar  ~  8 months ago
      reply Reply


         The feature platforms talk is related to the extent that there is a focus on managing features extracted from different data sources for the purpose of machine learning.  What I am trying to address in this talk is the overall need for handling data like a digital asset as opposed to focusing on data only as a consumable for a process.  I can talk about general tools that help achieve some of the goals / requirements.  But I wont be getting into specific use cases or tool details as there are plenty of proprietary and open source solutions that meet the needs at each stage and every organisation at has different needs based on their business model.

      I was out of office without email access so I got to this message today.  I will get some thing recorded and sent across on Monday / Tuesday (28th) at the latest.



      • Vishal Gokhale
        By Vishal Gokhale  ~  8 months ago
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        Thanks for the clarification Mukund. 

        Waiting for the video link.
        The PC is in final phases of review so I urge you to upload a video latest by tomorrow.