The demonstration will outline the current state of Digital Media. It will provide industry level knowledge on topics like:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Analytics
  • Data Science & Business Analytics in Advertising
  • Data collection through 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data
  • Management of more than 30 data sources on cloud at scale (using Google Cloud Platform)
  • Data transformation and steps needed to enrich data lake.

The main focus of this demonstrations would be on buliding an "Advanced Analytics: R Shiny Application" from scratch. The application will cover parts of data importing, data joining, UI setup, Graphical representation using R plotly & ggmap, data transformation using dplyr, machine learning use case like anomaly detection, time series model.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. Overview of Digital Media/Advertising
  • a) Most important source of data for digital media. (Google Analytics with Introduction, feature description and data type provided by platforms).
  • b) Paid Media data sources and type of information we can collect (Social Media, Google Search Media, SEO platforms)
  • c) Other source of information (Google Search Trends, Weather data etc)

2. How to manage all the aforementioned data (Google Cloud Platform, Python & APIs).

3. Next Step: Demonstration of R Shiny Application to create an Advertising 360 environment for your client.

Learning Outcome

  • Digital Advertising & Analytics Overview
  • Data Source & Management on industry-scale using Google Cloud Platform, Python & SQL.
  • Data Visualization using R.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms like Holt-Winter Prediction to predict sessions or users, Anomoly detection to catch tagging, trafficking errors etc.
  • How to make an R Shiny Web application using the data sources of our choice.
  • Dynamic graph to text narration.
  • Google Cloud Platform basics.
  • Google Marketing Platform landscape.

Target Audience

People interested in R programming, R shiny, Shiny Dashboards, Business Analytics, Advanced Analytics in production, Cloud platform, R packages, Machine Learning using R

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Datacated
  • R basics
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  • Vishal Gokhale
    By Vishal Gokhale  ~  5 months ago
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    Hi Rahul ,

    Do you have links to videos of talks you may have given on this or other topics?
    If you do, please add the links in the proposal. 
    If not, request you to please record a short (5-10 mins) summary video of this talk. 
    This is for the program committee to get a feel for your presentation style.

    Please feel free to write back, if you have any questions/concerns.


    • Rahul Mehra
      By Rahul Mehra  ~  5 months ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Vishal,

      I don't have any video for this project, but as you suggested, I'm preparing to upload a short video describing my proposal. The latest I can upload a sample video is on 26th May.

      Let me know if any particular changes are needed in the proposal. Any help would be really appreciated.

      Thank You!