Quality in Code and NOT in Management Slides

Agile has always challenged developers and management equally with the question on how much to design upfront! It doesn't end there, it even flows in the day-to-day work of the developers and their associated engineering practices. We do understand the need to have a scalable design, modular code base, strong code quality checks et al - but such discussions lead to more questions than answers. E.g.

  1. Who is eventually responsible to drive these?
  2. How are the architects going to cope with the changing dynamics of agile development?
  3. Are we really driving those practices in reality or are they finding place in management slides only?

This session is an attempt to project how the practice of architecture is often getting misquoted/misunderstood in most of the ongoing agile projects and what has been the root cause behind them. And in the process we also try to come to an agreement as what "could be" (we have to be sensitive to the fact, this is very much contextual) the ideal approach towards setting up an agile Architecture.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Problem statement and context setting
  2. Looking at developers and architects from a cross-functional team structure perspective
  3. Leveraging architects (enterprise & solution in particular)
  4. Reality check
  5. Possible way(s) to address this problem

Learning Outcome

Goal is largely to cover 2 parts:

  1. Share the reality on how agile projects get driven today (i.e. often in a confused state of big or no upfront design)
  2. To leave with a food for thought - that architecture is something that is not to be confined in UML diagrams/slides/papers - rather should be shared with the team to start taking ownership (collective ownership)

Please note:

We are not attempting to offer a "perfect solution", rather a possible approach - which may need tweaks based on specific context to address design confusions and deliver projects better under agile paradigm.

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners/CTO/Technology Leads/Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Open mind
  • Understanding of SDLC
  • Concept of Scrum and real life end-to-end execution
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    1. Setting The Context
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    3. Organisational Expectations & Bias
    4. What’s the reality?
    5. Ideas generation using LS
    6. Transformation Approach / Possible Solution
    7. Retrospective – Emotional Seismograph