Agile - OUM approach


Outline/Structure of the Talk

–Describe Scrum techniques at a high level

–Understand how Scrum techniques can be applied to an OUM project.

Learning Outcome

–Describe the key points of the Agile Manifesto

–Describe Scrum techniques at a high level

–Understand how Scrum techniques can be applied to an OUM project.

Target Audience

IT industry, PMO, Management,

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

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  • Jeff Lopez-Stuit
    By Jeff Lopez-Stuit  ~  3 days ago
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    There needs to be a lot more detail in this proposal to understand it better:

    1. What is an OUM project, and how would it be relevant to attendees?

    2. Most attendees are going to be familiar with the manifesto and Scrum.  You don't provide much detail on the core of your theme:  how Scrum will be applied to a project using OUM.

    3. There's little information on the structure of your talk.  How are you going to deliver the content?  The links for slides and video are just links to your linkedin profile.

    4. What are the big takeaways from this presentation that attendees will be able to use right away?

    I suggest you take a look at some other proposals to get a better idea of what's required.




  • Madhavi Ledalla
    By Madhavi Ledalla  ~  1 week ago
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    Hi Bindukiran, thank you for making a submission to the Regional Scrum Gathering 2020. 

    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • Application of Agile for OUM projects

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Add Abstract- Please describe OUM very briefly and also give a crisp overview of your talk so that the reviewers can understand the background of what you intend to convey. Abstract can be added before the “Online/Structure” section. 
    • Specify the timing for the content delivery to describe how the 45 min slot would be used. This can be embedded in the "Online/Structure" of the talk
    • Embed some real time scenarios and case studies so that participants can understand the actual application of the OUM projects. You could add what worked and what did not in the OUM context.
    • The links to the videos and slide deck take us to your LinkedIn profile. Could you please check the links again, or put them in a google drive and share here?

    Hope this feedback helps, we look forward to meeting you at the gathering. Thank you!